Funeral Flowers

We are committed to creating the perfect funeral flowers to help you remember your loved one, handling the arrangements with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

At this sad time flowers can also be a message of comfort to the recently bereaved.

We create beautiful and thoughtful funeral flowers including wreaths, bouquets and coffin sprays for your loved one.

We will work closely with you to choose the right flowers to remember your loved one, be it their favorite flowers or colours.  Some people like to remember their loved ones with  natural and seasonal tributes and others more traditional arrangements, we will help you decide which would be the most suitable choice.

We can visit the church or place of service to ensure that the setting is appropriately dressed to your needs.

We will make everything as easy as possible to help you at this difficult time. Call Alison on 01453 758 843 or use the contact form to talk about your requirements.